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Deal or no deal, lastminute. Discover these spook-tacular Hotel Deals from lastminute. Discover Turkey with amazing holiday deals Expires in 3 days. Check out the top 10 European city breaks featuring Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and more!

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Editor Pick. Plan your getaway right now with these last minute weekend escape deals. UP TO. Enjoy exclusive offers and more when you book with British Airways. Zap up these exclusive deals in the lastminute. Pamper yourself with these great value spa days and breaks. Top Offers at the Last Minute Holidays are hard work; they can be expensive, time consuming, things might not go to plan, hotels may be booked out and so on. So, if you would like to make the whole experience that little bit less stressful, check out our page for the best lastminute.

Exclusive lastminute. Flash Code! Use an exclusive lastminute. Popular lastminute. Book last minute and save. Deals of the Week Feature a great selection of last minute holiday deals and cheap tickets, you could save on theatre and spa days sure to please. Book with a lastminute. Exclusive Offers Why not sign up to receive daily travel inspiration, along with exclusive deals and discounts? When you sign up to receive all this, you benefit as one of the select customers to hear the first word on offers.

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Discover More for Less The clue to lastminute. By booking holidays, flights and entertainment late and helping to fill up empty spots they are able to offer better rates than most travel agencies.

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You can save even more money on last minute holiday deals by using one of our discount codes or clicking on a choice offer that suits your dream holiday. How to get a discount on your lastminute. How to apply a last minute voucher code This step is very easy! Rate lastminute. You need to be quick to nab these deals suited for the likes of Paris shopping, beachfront resorts in Cyprus, stylish rooms in Las Vegas, and so many more delights.

Don't forget to apply a lastminute. Experience More Is your bucket list starting to get a bit out of control?

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Then it's time to tick a few things off! Check out the Experience offers at lasminute. Top 10 Theatre Give in to the wonder of theatre and dare to be enchanted by some of the most profound and awe-inspiring performances to date. Shops like lastminute. Happy Birthday lastminute. To celebrate their 20th birthday, they wanted to share the fun with all its loyal customers.

This year is the year for ultimate savings, so don't hold back, and get to booking that Experience or City Break you've been dying for. Don't forget to sign up for the exclusive The Pink Competition, where you could win a business class flight or a hotel stay — free!

Book today and read all about the 20 Reasons why you shouldn't put off your holiday for another second. Gift Cards. Not everyone is as easy to shop for as you'd wish, so give the gift of a lastminute.

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Days Out. Plan a day out in London! Want to see something scientific? There is so much choice to spend a day differently and break the status quo. Submit a discount code Have a code that is not listed?

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Car Hire. For those afraid of flying, or for whomever enjoys the open road, lastminute. Search, compare, and save with over companies at over 53, locations around the globe. With high ratings and reliability, you can even manage your booking online to save time while you're on the go. Eurostar City Breaks. Want to travel but all the flights are too expensive or not the right date? How else will you be able to easily track registrations produced by your partners?

Simply give them a unique coupon code to use in their marketing. Then analyze the results. Another great opportunity for leveraging promo codes is in your ABM strategy. Learn how:. Why would you ever want to give away free tickets? Events cost money to put on.

Ticket sales help to cover these costs. Free tickets reduce event ROI , right? There are a few different situations where you'll want to use free VIP codes. Distribute them to:. Lastly, your event is sure to have a few very important people. Guests of honor that, though they might not be speaking, their presence alone boosts the prestige of your gathering. These folks also deserve a free VIP code. These are exactly the same as free VIP codes. Well, almost exactly. Instead of offering them to VIPs for free, you give them a discounted rate.

When should discounted VIP codes be used?

How about for:. Seasonal promotions are a great tactic for increasing ticket sales. They're very easy to run too. Just offer special event discount codes centered around a specific holiday. For example, you could run a "Christmas Special" and offer tickets to your event for a discounted rate when purchased in December. Many well-known events, like Totango pictured below , have taken advantage of this strategy. While holiday-centric event promo codes are the most popular, the same idea can be applied to other happenings.

For example, you could also offer discounted ticket rates during March Madness the popular college basketball tournament , the World Cup, or the Super Bowl. Keep your fans on their toes and offer surprise event promo codes. These are just ticket deals that your audience isn't expecting.

They can boost registrations for two reasons:. Surprise sales work anytime your event needs a quick boost in registrations. We've seen this tactic used quite a bit, for instance, towards the end of the month when event sales teams need to reach their month's sales goals. Bundled promo codes are a great way to increase the average spend of your attendees. Here's how it works:. You generate more revenue and they save money. Viral codes tap into the immense power of social media. What are they? They're event codes that registered event attendees are encouraged to share with their personal followings on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When their friends, family, and acquaintances use their unique code to purchase their own tickets at a discounted rate, the original sharer is rewarded by earning money back on their already purchased ticket. These kinds of codes are VERY difficult to use without some kind of event software. Inside Bizzabo, the process is a piece of cake , though. We call this feature "Ticket Boost" and it's already seamlessly integrated into our platform. Our users just have activate it, set the discount amount, encourage attendees to share their codes, and sit back and watch the extra signups roll in.

Do you know where else event software really comes in handy? Creating bulk promo codes. Bulk promo codes are just discount codes that are generated in bulk.

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You could do this manually. But it would be incredibly tedious. Or you could use software like Bizzabo and generate a huge number of unique discount codes at the click of a button. Once you've created your bulk of codes, you can then group them together to better segment your marketing efforts and gain crystal clear clarity into which creative event promotion ideas are working and which aren't. Event promo codes are a wonderful corporate event management tactic.

They'll allow you to boost registrations and goodwill with your attendees.

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They have to be used correctly, though. Here are a few keys to keep in mind before using any kind of discount code. Topics: Event Marketing. Intel is a highly creative company with a great event strategy. Learn how your organization can host similarly imaginative events with these great examples and actionable takeaways. Planning an event in the City of Trees? Then take a look at these 20 amazing Boise event venues. SAP has mastered experiential marketing and creative event production.

Read on to learn the company's top tactics and strategies alongside real examples from the brand. Bizzabo Blog. Search Results. Jacob Thomas Apr 12, AM. What Are Event Promo Codes? How to Use Event Promo Codes Now that we understand what event promo codes are, how should we use them? Track Your Tribe Promo codes allow event planners to accurately track registrations and understand which promotional channels are actually working. Boost Promotion The most obvious way to use event promo codes is as a promotional tactic.

Use Invisible Tickets Don't worry, you don't need to be a magician to use this strategy. Group Promo Codes Lastly, we have group promo codes. Different Types of Event Promo Codes Let's talk about the different types of promo codes your event can use. Early Bird Specials We briefly mentioned the early bird special in a previous section. Take a look at how CoinDesk pulled this off: Note: Early bird prices could also be issued with a unique ticket type. Partner Promotions A partner promotion is a joint venture of sorts.

Distribute them to: Speakers and Event Staff: You'd never ask someone to deliver a keynote speech at your event and then expect them to pay for their ticket in, right? Similarly, it would be ridiculous to ask your staff working the event to also buy a ticket. But all these folks still need to be accounted for. Just offer them a free VIP code and you'll be good to go. The Afterparty Entertainment: Looking to throw a legendary event afterparty? You're not alone. Some of the greatest events in the world are great because their post-conference soirees are so entertaining.

So go ahead and book that band, DJ, or comedian. Just don't make them pay for their ticket in. Offer them a free VIP code instead. How about for: Returning Guests: What if you offered a discounted VIP code to guests who have attended your event for three years in a row or more? This will build goodwill and entice attendees to keep attending, year after year. Workshop Presenters: The folks presenting small workshops or leading breakout sessions may not deserve free tickets like your keynote speaker does.

But what about discounted ones? Hook up your presenters and you'll likely receive more applications next year.