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But if you think we should go to an event near you, send us an email and we will look into attending it. Do you buy cards? We are always buying cards, we will always have our buylist up. Click here to check out our buylist. Or email us directly. Do you buy cards that are not on your buylist? We do buy cards that are not on our buylist all the time.

If you send an email to us describing your collection we will tell you if we would be interested in it and we will give you the ballpark we would pay for it. It is our policy, just like a normal buylist transaction, to have you send in your collection for appraisal.

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We will inspect everything and tell you how much we would pay for it. Do you buy card collections? We are always looking to buy card collections, no matter what the size. Send an email to sales magicstronghold. Then just send it in. How long will it take me to get paid for the cards I send in?

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Typically your cards take a few days to process once they arrive, after that a check is sent the same day. If it is a buylist transaction, you will be alertedto the status of your order through email notifications for your convenience. What if my cards are lost in the mail, who is responsible for them? Canada Post Standard Mail You should be aware that the Canada Postal Service loses less than 1 in , pieces of mail; the odds are very low that anything was lost.

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Please check to make sure you put your correct address in your account. If you are using Canada Post and your order status says it has shipped, but the package has not arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Please contact us.

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You should know that Magic Stronghold is not responsible for any Canada Post package once we have mailed it. If you are concerned about this occurring, please select a Canada Post Non-Standard shipping option.

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No exceptions will be made. If it doesnt show up, it is insured.

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What kind of payments do you accept? We currently accept:. Cash: Not recommended, but if you insist to send us cash, please know that we are not responsible for it. We have not had any problems with cash thus far, but please be forewarned. Check : Any order paid with a personal check will be delayed 7 days while we wait for it to clear our bank.

Money Order : Money Orders are the suggested means of payment.

If you pay with a Money Order your order will ship out the next day. Please keep the stub or receipt for your money order for your records, it is very important. Paypal : We do accept Paypal; the MagicStronghold. This is a very easy way to pay us, if you pay through paypal your order will ship the next day. We reserve the right to only ship to your confirmed Paypal address. Sidney is a part of the WorkAbility Program and will be helping us out at the gym for a few hours per week this semester.

Sacramento Pipeworks Sacramento, CA. Verdigo Boulders Burbank, CA. First Time? Best Yoga in Berkeley.

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Climbing Clinics. Holiday Hours. Today's Agenda.

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