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Personally I recommend downtown, between 99th Street and th Avenue. Lots to see and do, great restaurants, and convenient access to river valley.

Also, make sure you take the kids to Fort Edmonton Park while you're here. I don't think it should necessarily disuade you from hotelling in the area.

IF you have a car , Sherwood Park is a nearby family-friendly community which has some nice newer hotels. Also easy access to Whyte Avenue.

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Not such a nice view as the river valley, though. I would recommend the hotels on Broadmoor Boulevard area adjacent to Millenium Place where there is a wave pool, indoor playground and gym not the Road King on Highway You would also be close to Kidz Quarterz play zone another indoor playground. It also allows an easy drive out to Elk Island National Park where the Bison still roam free or the Ukrainian Village a great look at the early Ukrainian settlement of Alberta.

It would add an extra half hour of driving on your Jasper trip as Sherwood Park is on the East side of Edmonton. Karen, what do you plan on doing in Edmonton? Is a hotel pool important for you? The Whyte Avenue hotels generally don't have pools, I believe. You can walk Whyte Avenue in the evenings, though many of the shops close at 6. The surrounding residential areas are pleasant to walk at night, and there is quick access to river valley trails. The noise from motorcycles can be a bit much at 1 a.

If I were coming for a visit, I would likely stay in Strathcona, just because it is a pleasant area and fairly central. My second preference would be a hotel in Ellerslie or on Calgary Trail, as they are relatively fast to Strathcona, downtown, and West Edmonton Mall no more than 20 or 25 minutes to each.

Most of the interesting things to see and do are central: the best river valley access points, the art gallery, the Edmonton Queen, the museum, Fort Edmonton , Old Strathcona , and much more are all centrally located. Whereas in Sherwood Park and Ellerslie there is very little to see or do beyond the front door of your hotel besides suburban residences, freeway, arteries, and strip malls both are nice communities, but are not tourist destinations.

To see or do anything you will have to drive to the centre of the city anyway. Downtown Edmonton has come a long way in the last 10 years, though it still has a ways to go to be more visitor-friendly and vibrant.

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But it's worth a go, or the Old Strathcona option is good, too. I agree there is not much to do in hotels other than downtown or Strathcona. But, having travelled a significant amount with kids, I found staying a little offsite was not a big deal, as most of your time is spent away from the hotel.

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I don't think there is a lot of driving time - minutes downtown from Ellerslie, 20 minutes to Fort Edmonton , 20 minutes to the mall, 30 minutes to the museum, 30 minutes to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. From Strathcona, in non rush hour traffic, 10 minutes to downtown, 20 to the mall, 10 minutes to Fort Edmonton, 15 minutes to the museum, 45 minutes or more to the Village. Downtown is 25 minutes to the mall, less than 10 minutes to the museum, 20 minutes to Fort Edmonton , close to an hour to the Village.

However, depending on when Karen is going to be in Edmonton, she may hit the Street Performers' Festival, which is downtown, and is kid friendly. I can't speak for Karen's kids, but I know mine would not have been too excited about art galleries. At about that age, I took them to Warhol and Rodin exhibits in Vancouver , and they could barely wait to leave. Perhaps Karen's children are more cultured. In the absence of the Festival, I disagree on staying downtown. I think it's great for adults, but not any better than the suburbs when you add kids to the mix, unless one plans most activities downtown during the day.

Strathcona is the probably the preferred area, provided one doesn't mind noise.

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Several reviewers have suggested you see Fort Edmonton with your children. May I suggest you stay right in the park at the Hotel Selkirk.

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It's set up like an historic hotel no pool, unfortunately with features such as a large claw-foot bathtub that both kids could probably fit in at one time. It's very quiet at night because there's no traffic! The only people allowed on the grounds after the park is closed are those registered at the hotel, so you won't get a bunch of drunk hooligans fighting under your window in the middle of the night. The bonus of staying at this hotel is that you're right there in the morning when the park opens and you can easily spend an entire day there.

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If the children get tired, you can go back to your room before exploring more. It's about a minute drive to West Edmonton Mall from the park. We stayed there last year with a 9 year old girl and it was one of the highlights of the trip for her. They leave a small, souvenir teddy bear on the bed for you to take home.

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You might have to ask for another one if you've got the two children! I am tending towards downtown at the moment - maybe the Courtyard Marriott. This is our tentative plan:. We don't need a pool will be going to be water park at the Mall and don't need somewhere where we can walk around at night. We'd like somewhere where there a couple of family friendly restaurants close by for early dinners, and a hotel where it is quiet at night. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse.

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