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Not being able to search for rides really blows. I believe it was turned off well before the issue of soldiers uploading their runs came out last year. When I travel it would be nice to find rides and not just look at the heatmap for an area. There are many requests for this feature and I get an email every time someone requests it or comments on it using the open support ticket.

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Strava seems to have zero interest in finding a solution. It may have been back in the old days I just wanted to make sure they succeeded. My inclination is to drop back to the free version, see what, if anything I miss, and then just pay for that. So did they get around to actually providing accurate data analysis?

Just tried to cancel, which works. Mostly to try the packs. I was a premium user for a year around two years ago. Maybe things have got better but I doubt it. The supposed Goals feature was a joke. I could not add races to my calendar — only races that they recognised. The analysis features offered nothing of interest. Wow, talk about confusing. Heat map in safety? The live segments are fun except when you follow some elites living close to your neighborhood.

Then all those segments let youbrace against times you cannot beat. I wish I could switch and race only my own PRs…. I must be in a guinea pig group of users because these options became available to me about a month ago. I completely understand a social platform needing that Free option, as far fewer users are likely to test out a paid service. Strava have turned into the Facebook of the training market.

It has become more obvious over the last couple years that they have been trying to please their investors more than their customers. You click a few paramaters, and the old Strava feed comes back. You cancel you newly converted triple-pack, let it run out, then resubscribe only to those modules that you want. Whenever I am dealing with changes with a product or reading the directions, for that matter , I try to do it two different ways: 1. Good god people, we want to ride a bike, run, or something, not read a online brochure to figure things out.

Why do we think the pictures are next to the prices at fast-food joints? I cancelled premium a year ago and see no reason renew. For cyclists, Strava has changed the way we talk without even trying. I just thought about my days. My fitness pal to track my food intake, training peaks free version, strava, ride with gps, HRV4, sporttracks, garmin connect,for my step tracker, my stuff is everywhere but nowhere in one place and duplicated in others.

Training peaks at least collects MOST of it. Strava makes me have a premium to be able to measure myself against others and see the information but other than hill climbing what value is it. FAR more bang for the buck….. I mainly use it for when I join group rides and the group has posted the route on Strava. I stand corrected about that. Any word on any sort of nutrition sync with anyone? That has been a request since at least.


I was upset a couple of months ago when suddenly my HR data was no longer showing. I inquired about it and was told that if I wanted to see MY heart rate data, I had to give them permission so they could show me all kinds of health related metrics. Based on this, I decided that when my premium membership was up, I would just drop it. After all, I am paying for them to not give me what I already had but do not have now.

I guess this finales it, I will no longer pay for their service. BTW, all of my stuff is private as I have no interest in the social platform. They did interpret it wrongly twice. A couple of thoughts on this. I am not in the EU so their requirements are of zero interest to me. More to the point, I am subscribing to their service and paying money for it. My point is that for a very long time, the HR data was recorded and displayed.

Like I said, I am through with them. Surprised no one mentioned that they continue to add stuff no one asks for and refuse to add what everyone wants back. The ability to hide daily commutes. And the ability to categorize your rides Road, MTB, etc. My guess about the non-chronological feed is the invested interest fallacy.

All the New Feature requests have been for filters on feeds, not the latest buzzword AI we make the decision for you mess they made. How many complaints about Zwift would go away with a filter? How many complaints about seeing commutes? How many new features would be taken care of from having filters?

Like filtering rides by bike, duration, date, selecting followers you are interested in at that moment. A bit of a marketing mishmash. Much more useful particularly for coaching. I already had the option to choose and pick 3 packs…. But you are right Ray, this smells like they just sprinkled the most valuable options around, so as to avoid people cherry picking too much. This is the feedback I gave them, I hope they listen to their customers and change some of the policies.

No new features on the Strava platform for a long time. Also charging the smaller GPS manufacturers for live segments is just wrong! Strava seems to have lost customer focus, instead deciding to chase money. I can answer why the Training and Analysis packs have odd break ups. This break up of packs has not been done in consultation with users, it has all been done with marketing and psychologists.

It is simply to increase the number of people giving them money. I think it might be better to have a 50c per item, i. This would have been dead simple to do, but again they want to extract money for what you do need lugged onto what you wanted. I would be happy to just go with one package if Segments and Filtered Leaderboards were together but they obviously split them up to make you buy two packages. Strava backtracks oncharging hardware makers when Garmin says bye bye in 3…2….

And a few months ago came the non-chronogical feed, huge disappointment and very poorly implemented. There is a free chrome plugin called stravini which restores chronological feed and has the option of filtering all the annoying rubbish. Its great. Sadly it only works on a desktop browser. The phone apps remain broken. Weird choice.

The only thing the name change did for me was to get triggered that stuff got changed. Currently on a year subscription of Premium, simply because I have been leeching off free trials for several years before that. Because that would be a weird miss. I do use Strava for some of the social stuff.

I have joined a few groups of people I know, either digitally or IRL, and enjoy the little bit of interaction. However, for getting my daily fix of graphs and stats, I use Smashrun free option. Perhaps they should have used a different name for the Premium change, and had packs by sport, one with runner analytics, another with cycling analytics.

The division seems more fair as features need to be implemented on a sport by sport basis anyway. If Strava wanted more subscribers they could have just engaged with their user base more. Trivial to fix and still nothing. So this has been a bit of an own goal. That puts paid my idea of getting the new Lezyne Mega series.

Currently if I run into navigation issues while out on a ride, I stop and use my phone to find my location and plan my route…. Bye Bye Strava Premium….. Jim, to have your avatar shown here you need to register it with Gravatar. What a bizarre company Strava has turned to be. What was once an exciting and innovative tool has turned into yet another social sharing app. I am paying 3. I will downgrade. But my reason is only that still I cant filter out certain activities like indoor-training winter is comming real soon here and commutes. Been a member since I know why the Race and Pace Analysis is not in the Analysis Pack and Heart Rate is not in the Training Pack: People not willing to shell out the money for the full summit membership will only take one of these packs.

When they are used to it they will miss something essential. Now, you can decide: Pay a second pack or just skip this step and get the full abo? This is a great idea. I use SportTracks, but adding the strava analysis pack is cheap, and curiosity could easily see me signing up. The analysis split between two packs is also a bit silly — they would have been better off having only two teirs, drop the price overall for premium earn kudos and swell feeling form existing subscribers , and leave the two packs at 2.

I think this would drive a lot more takeup and get them further in the black. Now I feel I want the two packs for analysis and feel ripped off I need the both despite the overall price being less than the, never entertained as value by me , previous premium product. This from a Garmin Fenix user who apparently is part of their growing market share and profitability… Swing… and a miss… for me. My son and I often ride together and sometimes he or I rides alone. My wife likes to know we are ok, so the live track is a worth while option. The silly Garmin app is not working on Android for me and my son.

To get the live track to work, We have to re-install the Connect App every ride. The taxonomy is slightly confusing. The live segments on Wahoo are not great. They just do average speed. I had a similar experience with Garmin, but luckily it was in my favour. I feel the same as several others have expressed that Strava ignores the multitude of requests to correct simple problems.

I just finished a free trial version and decided it was definitely not worth the money. Any idea how can i downgrade to the specific pack only? My Strava Summit profile page shows only option to downgrade to free level. My subscription through Google Play auto-renewed yesterday for the full boat. The more I think about this, the more it makes me cranky. I think they could should have communicated this better. Shortly after writing the above posts, I opened a support case asking for a refund of my Premium membership subscription payment.

It took a few days, but Strava did refund my subscription and reverted me to a free account. You know your company has image problems when you announce that you are lowering your prices and all you get are complaints and people dropping your paid service in response. And they broke premium into 3 different sets of features, so if you only care about features from one or two of the sets then you can downgrade and pay less.

Or am I missing something? Anything else similar elsewhere in that price range? All the other stuff I once thought top-dog-killer-features remains pretty basic, e.

You can even decide if you want to use it cloud-wise or local on your desktop. To add to chorus of people not impressed by this, just on the off chance anyone from Strava reads here more than they read their own feedback forms and message boards. Cancelled my yearly subscription today due to this. Was prepared to put up with some of the Strava faults on the basis that at least maybe they were focused on fixing things, but apparently a poor re branding exercise has been their priority and so that has turned me off them.

Interesting reading these comments. However other than that there is really nothing else that comes anywhere close to this. For that it does of course work fine. As such will hang in there for now but for sure it is disappointing that Strava now focus largely on marketing and just keeping it going which, as an IT consultant, I do not underestimate the relative difficulty in so doing.

However to remain a viable business in this space that clearly is not good enough to hope to continue to exist forever. Good, this will save me money. For example route planning: the community heatmap is a unique asset, but why is it so difficult to add basic features like filtering of routes by distance, by location, by elevation, by name or routes tagging?

Try to ask on their forum for implementation of these basic features…. So many haters. I use Garmin data if I really want to drill down, but for me the general data Strava presents to me is enough to keep me heading in the right direction.

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I happily pay annually, who cares this is not a lot of money for an incredible platform I use daily to keep up with my friends activities and track my overall performance. Strava provides a ton of value for me. I feel a bit guilty using Strava a lot with the free version, and hoped that there would be something more. But loving a bit more in depth analysis for cycling, I found VeloViewer. I did feel bad for cancelling my subscription to Strava a few years ago, but I get what I need from the free content.

Beacon came close, but my Garmin said no. Strava has existing revenue channels that are entirely dependent on user data. I am not saying to stop using Strava; I find it great for keeping up with the activities of my friends and family, and for some light analysis. Strava should be doing everything in its power to acquire and keep users. Literally nothing has changed, except for the opportunity to buy less features at a lower cost.

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As far as charging some device makers and not others for live segments. Good God that seems like a dumb business move. They should want as many devices as possible to be capable of this. Again, anything that keeps users engaged and using their platform will add to their backend data revenue streams. They can and already do e. Zwift display ads. Gouging some device makers and not others seems odd.

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I am genuinely confused about this. Can anyone explain?


Basically xert live segments just give you a power target to hit so that you put in your best effort on the segment based on what xert thinks you can do based on the power data from your past rides that xert analyzes. However you will need to manually re-create using several steps what Strava and Garmin have automated. Just find a strava segment and effort yours or others you want to race and download that specific effort as a GPX file on your PC heaps of plug-ins can do this.

Set up a new activity screen on your edge and add 2 fields. When you are near the segment, load the course on the edge. Yes, it is manual and a bit of effort. Yes it works. I understand there are functionality differences, but I was thinking from a business perspective. Xert is still licensing strava segment info, and customers are still notified of upcoming segments in real time while even receiving pacing advice.

Shrug emoji? I use a Wahoo Bolt and do my planning using Komoot. Carrying my mobile with me, connected to the Bolt, and with LTE coverage —. Despite having paid for Strava premium. Monocultures make it hard to re-establish freedom of choice and competition. Since competition against others is the whole point of segments. This may work for us. We will at least try beacon. Carmin tracking almost never works. My wife headed out on her run about and no tracking link. We use find my friends most of the time. The split of information between the training pack and analysis pack seems expressly intended to force a member to purchase both packs.

IF they really wanted to make it easier and more affordable THEN they would have arranged the purchase options in a sensible manner allowing a user to purchase what they need in one package. I love the low cost option and at least for me, it finally got Strava some revenue for an app that is still tons of fun and motivating alongside trainerroad for more focused work. This was my first thought as well and is what I expected more people to take from the price adjustment. Not that Strava sucks and I am not giving them my money. I think they do what they do quite well social and their are plenty of other apps that handle training and data analysis much better.

My premium ended just in time and I moved onto summit analysis as I like to use live segment and power analysis. I can see live segments on my wahoo, but power data is not showing up on mobile. It only works on pc website. Anyone in same problem as I am? Zero pre-announcement to paid Premium members. No pre-announcement in the Strava dashboard or Twitter or Fakebook. MY premium auto-renewed in July. Again… without any communication prior to it happening. Are you saying that they should send you a special notification before they tell everyone since your renewal is due?

They are not taking any features away from you that you had before you agreed to pay and auto-renew.. Strava IS a social media site, that is their core focus. They just happen to have some interesting data thrown in as a reason for people to post their workouts instead of boring comments about your day.

If you want indepth analytics there are other companies that specialize in that. It just keeps me on the premium version. I just rolled over for a month and again — no ability to select which packs I want. I can downgrade since the analysis in Strava has been lacking for years, despite many comments in their forum. You can not have separate HR zones for cycling and running, which is really lame.

You update your FTP and and it changes for past activities. For this reason I also use Training Peaks and kind of annoyed I had to also be a Strava premium member just to get a few things I wanted like segments on my Garmin. You have to pick two packages if you want live segments and also filtered segment leaderboards.

I only have the HRM to train by. Is the Analysis package worth it when training only on HRM? This has been an on-going theme for more than three years now. I dumped Strava completely a year ago after the pricing name game bs. As of October 1st, Strava has begun to parse HR data for swim activities. This means HR data will be displayed on newly uploaded swim activities if recorded with a swim-specific HR sensor.

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Add a picture. Luke Hardman. August 1, at am 1. Thanks for the update! August 1, at pm 2. Richard G. August 1, at am 3. Leo Romanovsky. August 1, at pm 4. You can subscribe to two packs Reply. August 2, at pm 5. August 1, at am 6. August 1, at am 7.

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September 18, at pm 8. DC Rainmaker. September 19, at am 9. A lot of athletes would seem to disagree. August 1, at am One day… Reply. Patrick Myers. Dan G. August 1, at pm Jason M. Fred Stig. For the love of Jeff, I sure as hell hope not. That will get me to ditch Strava immediately. August 2, at am Dylan Chillin. August 3, at am Indeed list it as a race does the trick on the data but not on the annoyed-ness Reply.

Roy V. June 27, at pm Yeah, I have already stopped paying for premium and decided to remove my account. Fred Lee. Does SportsTracks have a free tier? Mike Hensen. August 6, at am September 3, at am I would pay if I had the option to import raw data from my Garmin etc Reply. Could you be more specific? What algorithm? What stats? Christof Damian. I expect new packs to show up not later than in two months.

Dave Lusty. Graham R. Jim Peyton. I wonder if Wahoo is also considering pulling Live Segments Reply. I agree. It is a very eloquent way to state the situation with Strava, Stravistix added more useful metrics and functionality than Strava has been doing for a long time. Well said. I suppose ok for groups to all be on a unified platform. Third parties will now be able to purchase exams by paying the full examination fee in advance, and receive a voucher code for the purchasers to disperse to examination candidates.

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