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Request one. You are viewing current bananarepublic. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on Twitter Bananarepublic , or Facebook , or Pinterest. About: "BananaRepublic. Visit bananarepublic. Offer valid in-store only.

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I have HAD IT with Banana Republic Sales - YouLookFab Forum

Savings Guide for College Geared toward high school seniors headed to college. Savings Guide for Seniors Covers both spending and saving during retirement. More From CouponFollow Access our guides, research, and other resources. Banana Republic card members receive free shipping on all orders and earn points for every purchase made. These points are redeemed for additional Banana Republic savings.

Throughout the year other exclusive Banana Republic promos are offered to Banana Republic credit card holders. Watch throughout BananaRepublic. Sign up for Banana Republic text alerts. Receive the latest Banana Republic promo code right to your mobile. Does Banana Republic offer New Customers a coupon? Does Banana Republic offer Sales or Markdowns on their products? Hope that helps.


You may be able to get the discount in store assuming the promo is going on there too. For some things like women's blazers it is excluded online only.

60% off at Banana Republic (BR Picks Exclusions Apply) 40% Off Old Navy and Gap with code STYLE

Who knows why? When I was trying to track down the suit jacket, SA told me they can ship it to you from another store and you get the in store discount but no free shipping. Thanks, Liz! I did call and they agreed to make an exception for me. Good thing I got up early today, I guess. Still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, though. There should be a section over by "collections" and all that where you can click and see all the "BR Picks" and easily know what is excluded. Sneaky bait-and-switchers.

Hopefully they fit the same as my others, since I sized up for white. Amy, you said it! I would not have put all that effort into it if I didn't have a hard time with white bottoms. The same thing happened to me, Rae, and for some reason the order went through at full price. When I called last night they said the system crashed and to call in the am. The SA gave me the discount as a courtesy.

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You could try calling this morning and explain, worth a shot! I see we posted at the same time, so glad you got the discount, it is frustrating and a waste of time. Hope it was worth it! And yes, I went through customer service for all the good it did me.

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And, with so many sales, it really feels like the sale price is the real price, you know? Just wait a week. What Thistle said. Was at AT for blouse sale--bought full-price skirt. Nicely, got a price adjustment--so that's a good thing. Shopped some more due to the sale, selected items, and at checkout, oh, didn't you know, suiting is not included. No, didn't know, it was in microprint; very misleading marketing. Put items back. No thanks, and thanks for wasting my time.

The Banana Republic Credit Cards & Rewards Program – Everything You Need to Know

I found the tiny window of exclusions and clicked. There was a huge set of exclusions!

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Fortunately my flannel and check shirts were included. I generally remember for myself that denim usually isn't included in these sales, but totally forgot this applies to kids' denim, too. Even their cute denim leggings, argh. Good to know. I'm excited we have a new BR store near my house. That's especially good now that I've been warned about the problems with their website.

They need to get that fixed! Unless, of course, they're counting on shoppers not looking at the total price before clicking to purchase. I've been through this too, all their silly exclusions. They so often seem to be the very item I want. And since their constant sales have taught us to never buy full price, it just makes me decide not to buy the thing I was looking at. I think they would do better to have fewer sales but include everything.

I am growling about this right now. There is a jacket I want to try, excluded, of course. And I do not live near a store hundreds of miles to the closest one I think I'm most irked by the way it's promoted. In the olden days, when giant reptiles walked the earth, there would be a rack. And stuff would be on sale. Small print: not on that blazer you want, dummy. And the AT clearly tries to make you think their sale is on everything. Just tell me plainly, and I'll decide. That is why I decided to just jump and get that cobalt blazer full price.

It irks me, when there are all these "sales", but my love for the jacket outweighed my desire to not overpay. BR used to be one of my favorite stores, but they have done this to me once too often. I don't have time to play their games and there are too many other stores that are more honorable. If it's on sale so much the better but I try to focus more on cost per wear than "sale". I feel some stores are pricing really high so they can put it on "sale".

BR doesn't get much of my business these days either as my beef is the decline in quality but last visit with my mom was a little better.