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Shoppers went to the cereal's Facebook page for help understanding these offers. The brand responded that they would have to "consult with their legal team for an appropriate response. While shoppers waited for an answer, the brand posted a photograph on Facebook showing a family posing with a pyramid of 22 boxes of cereal, with the caption, "Now this is our idea of a 'food pyramid.

Three days later, the brand's legal department responded: "We are thrilled that you all are such huge fans of [cereal] and it is in no way our intention to limit your purchase! We do admit that the wording may seem confusing on the current coupons you are referring to.

COUPON CRAZE: New warnings appear in fine print

We will take your comments and suggestions into consideration when developing future promotions so that this confusion can be avoided. This manufacturer, and its legal team, should have known that you don't end a sentence with a preposition and that wording that "may seem confusing" is confusing. I began receiving comments on this coupon from readers when they were unable to find the lotion in a size that met the stated requirement. None of them carried a non-travel-sized lotion that was less than 18 ounces.

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Later, a reader wrote to me that she had finally found that the lotion was available in a ounce size at Walmart. But, in the meantime, shoppers became frustrated — and vocal — trying to find the correct-size product for use with the coupon.

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Performing Arts Center in March. This crowd was big, but Cataldo, an entrepreneur and mother of three from the far northwest Chicago suburb of Huntley, is used to the attention.

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She has secrets to share that are just right for this penny-pinching era: how to use those little clips of paper to save a family thousands of dollars a year at the supermarket. Grocery manufacturers and supermarket executives seek her insight on consumer use of coupons. In April, she was one of the main speakers in Atlanta at a conference of the Association of Coupon Professionals.

For those coupon professionals, Cataldo provided an aha moment that sounded new to them — the real reason why so many women, and the vast majority are women, use coupons. Cataldo also writes a syndicated newspaper column about coupons.

"Is that really what you wanted?" a guest post from Jill Cataldo | Inmar Inc.

Many times, she juggles those jobs at 2 a. In her spare time, she does promotional work for KISS.

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Cataldo designs collectible concert-souvenir guitar picks for the band and writes copy for KISS tour books. After her coupon tips appeared in a local newspaper, Cataldo became a regular guest on a Chicago radio show with personality Jonathon Brandmeier, who talked with her weekly about grocery deals. So the blog started as a way for Cataldo to chronicle the supermarket specials she talked about on air. In just a few years of writing the blog, Cataldo has connected personally with her readers and earned their loyalty. In , her blog readers, complete strangers except for the back-and-forth in email and blog comments, organized a picnic for Cataldo and her family at Castaldo Park in Woodridge.

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They came bearing cakes decorated as coupons. It has made superstars of numerous women who share intimate details of their lives and advice with others on blogs that have become magnets for national advertisers. With money and free products changing hands, potentially creating conflicts of interest, new government disclosure rules on sponsorships have been put in place, and successful players such as Cataldo have needed to learn quickly how to build a business without alienating readers who just as quickly begin to feel like members of the family.

Cataldo says she would like to accept credit for starting a couponing empire at the exact right time.

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But the truth is, her job as coupon queen was born of necessity. I have a journalism degree from Northern Illinois University and am thrilled to be writing again. Q: Talk about how you came to learn how much coupons had to offer. Q: How did you graduate from coupon-savvy consumer to Coupon Queen? A: Last summer, my husband came home from work and said our library was looking for new program ideas.

Jill Cataldo's Super-Couponing - coupon shopping trip with AOL's

He suggested I approach the programming department at our library about a coupon class. I submitted an outline. They accepted — and then I had to write a class!

Which was a pleasure, of course.