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Disable the Compilation mode in Magento 5. Upload the overwriting existent files of our extensions to Magento root folder please note that if you customized the files of our extension, the customizations will be overwritten 6. Refresh site cache if it's enabled 7. You can use one extension per one live Magento installation.

It means that if you run multiple stores on same one Magento installation, you just buy our extension once and then use it for all your stores. In case your stores run on separate live Magento installations, you need to buy an extension for each of them. Please, log out and then log back into the backend, so Magento can refresh permissions.

Birthday Coupon extension lets you not only to send birthday congratulations to your users, but also make them a gift with a discount. Configure the module the way you like: set your own code display, indicate an email template, choose a sender, and so on. Birthday Coupon has a number of features and options handy for store owners. Birthday Coupon has a special option in its configuration tab responsible for quick extension enabling and disabling. So, after installation, you can quickly switch it on with one single click.

Moreover, you can turn it off when your perform, for example, overall website testing or anything else. The extension allows you to create your own discount rules with the particular configurations. The only option here that must be set in a definite way is coupon auto generation. All the rest you are free to configure the way you like, including the amount of your discount and other accompanying features. Right after you set specific discount rules with coupons auto generation and assign them to the extension, the process of automatic sending will start.

Birthday Coupon has a number of functions for discount code appearance customizing.

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For example, you can enter a suffix and a prefix that will apply to all the codes or you can set a separating dash every particular number of symbols. There is also a possibility to indicate the overall possible amount of symbols excluding the mentioned prefix, suffix, and separators. The same as coupons, emails will be sent automatically right after enabling the extension. There is no need to create and send an email every time a client has a birthday.

Once you set a correspondent template, your clients will receive these email upon their birthdays. It is not always reasonable to give a discount in the same day when a person has a birthday. It is way better to send a coupon in advance so as to let a customer schedule a shopping trip and as a result buy something as a gift for a birthday. You set the exact number of days before a birthday, when a coupon will be sent.

You can even set it to be delivered after birthday if you wish - the extension supports this feature as well. There are no single texts in this extensions that are used in every email.

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You can write your own text and use it in the congratulation emails. Birthday Coupon supports the Magento templates, so you can create one and use it for your emails. The email address of a sender is not taken automatically from an unknown source. Set the email you wish and let your clients see the particular sender of your emails. First of all, you need to develop separate price rules for operating wit Birthday Coupon extension.

Here you can configure the rules the way you like, except for Coupon and Coupon Code. All the other options are free to configure up to your requirements. Here you will find everything for proper primary adjustment. With the help of it, you can disable and enable it anytime you like with no efforts. You have created new price rules with auto generated coupons especially for this feature. It is fully responsible for code configurations. Here you will see the table with all the available templates.

You will appear on a tab, where you can create a new email template.

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You will find 5 standard senders. Adjust them the way you like: set your own name and email addresses appropriate for your current tasks. I f you leave the setting enabled, your website can become inaccessible. Then you should perform the following steps:. Download a folder with the extension 2. Extract all the files in it in your Magento 1 root folder installation. Log out from Magento and log in again to reload ACL account control level rules.

We have a qualified support team that is always there to help. We look forward to challenges and approach each of them with an open mind and a nonstandard way of thinking.

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If there is a problem, we know the solution. We earned the right to be trusted and proud of the work we have done. We completed many tasks and have a lot to come. We deliver solutions that that we know will work. We are enthusiastic about what we do, we are the experts in the field of eCommerce and have a portfolio worth a look. Magento 1 Extensions Birthday Coupon.

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Birthday Coupon Magento 1 Magento 2 v1. CE: 1.

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Interaction with clients appears to be one of the best ways to keep them using your store. Though retaining efficient communication may be a complicated thing, there is a method allowing you to maintain contact with your customers and even show that you care about them.

Send your buyers a special email on their birthday, congratulating them on it and presenting them a discount for a purchase. Why not to strengthen links with a simple gift confined to an important event for them? A plain email with congratulations will hardly draw any interest, but a little compliment in the form of a coupon will make it both more pleasant and useful for a client.

In such a manner he or she will more likely return to your store for another purchase. Maybe with the help of it, you will receive a new regular customer. May be quickly enabled and disabled Supports your own discount rules Automatically generates coupons Sends congratulation emails without your constant and direct involvement Has configurations for specifying the day of email dispatch the number of days before or after a birthday Allows to customize the discount code form Specify the email template to be used Set the sender of your emails.

User Guide. The Magento Connector provides an integration between your Bronto and Magento accounts so that Magento data can be imported and used in Bronto. You can use the Magento Connector to manage coupon code assignment and the display of coupon codes used with your Magento site. General Settings on the Coupon tab will configure a coupon redirect link that can be used in messages. This redirect link can be used with Coupon Manager coupon codes or coupon codes generated using Magento. It will not generate coupon codes.

While these codes can be used with Coupon Manager, this app is not required if you want to use the codes directly with Magento. In your redirect URL, replace example. Settings can be used to configure the messages that will be displayed to contacts for each status of a coupon.

[20]. How to create Coupon Codes in Magento 2? – Magento 2.3

Additionally, you can use Create New Coupon Generator to configure a coupon generator that you can point to when you want Bronto to generate coupons in messages when they are sent. If you change the query parameter, make sure the change is reflected in the redirect URL outlined above. This can populate an existing Shopping Cart Price Rule in Magento, and be dynamically included in messages that are triggered by the integration sent through Bronto.

This can be used to help identify groups of coupon codes and to group redemption metrics. When the unused coupon amount dips below the Replenish Threshold , the Magento Connector uploads coupons codes equal to the Replenish Amount to the Coupon Manager campaign specified. The NetSuite connector provides a seamless integration between your Bronto and NetSuite accounts so that contact and order data can be exchanged between them.

The Shopify Connector provides a seamless integration between your Bronto and Shopify accounts. You can import Shopify contact, product, and order to Bronto. If you use Magento version M2, follow these steps to connect your Magento account to your Bronto account. Follow these steps to use auto configuration when setting up your Magento Connector. If you have already set up a connection with Magento version M2, follow these steps to update your connection. The Magento Connector can be configured to import contact data from Magento into Bronto. You can use the Magento Connector opt-in settings to exchange contact status information between Bronto and Magento and to provide Bronto opt-in options on your Magento site.

When you have the Magento Connector configured it can be used to import your Magento order data into Bronto. When you have the Magento Connector configured it can be used to import your Magento product data into the Bronto product catalog. You can use the Magento Connector to send different types of messages based on various configuration rules. The Magento Connector can be used to supply data to several Bronto apps. Use Script Manager in combination with the Magento Connector to take advantage of the latest Bronto features. You can disable your Magento 2 Connector, without uninstalling it, by using the command line.

You can stop the exchange of data and de-register the Magento Connector using Bronto and Magento, but you must also update the Magento file system and database to completely uninstall the connector. The release notes for the Magento 2 Connector.