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Examinations test only content pertaining to the following competencies. The CCS exam is only offered outside the U. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The exam dates for are:. After you submit your exam application and your application fee is processed, you will receive an Authorization to Test letter with instruction on how to select your exam appointment.

Retest Policy For testing outside the US only : Candidates who have taken and failed the examination must wait a minimum of days before your application will be processed. To retake the examination, candidates must resubmit a new application with appropriate exam application fee.

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Individuals who took the beta version of the CCS exam this year should be advised that beta testers are expected to receive their test results no later than October 10, Waiting for a test score is never easy, and we are sorry for the extended wait that results from beta exams. While the certification portion of our website did contain a notice about the extended beta period at the time of exam registration, we understand that people feel that they were inadequately informed by AHIMA.

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We are re-evaluating the way we present information about the beta tests on our web site going forward to avoid future confusion. It's important to point out that the beta exam testers serve an important professional function. They help to evaluate the specific credential's testing process so that AHIMA can create the best possible exam, and for that we thank them. Individuals who take non-beta period exams do receive their results the same day.

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Beta exam testers have never received their results on the same day. We are not able to provide immediate scoring for beta testers because the version of the exam they took was a "beta exam" that requires a certain number of test takers to calibrate the scores.

The beta exam contains new questions that have not yet been analyzed by a psychometrician. On a beta exam, we use the statistical results of how candidates answer the questions to evaluate and select the best questions for the next exam publication. This process requires more time to score the beta test than it does a "normal" exam and test takers who take the beta exam can expect to get their results within weeks of taking the test. The reason why AHIMA uses the beta process is that we want to ensure that the exam is developed in a valid way and ensure that exam security practices are stringently enforced.

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We believe this method of test development is the best way of accomplishing this goal, and our view is supported by credentialing industry sources such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies NCCA and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Important: FindACode. We have detected that your browser either does not support Javascript or has been configured to not allow it.

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To use FindACode. The CCS codes can be found in the "Additional Information" section of the code information: If you click on the dotted-underlined "CCS Clinical Classification:" label you wil see a description pop-up window: If you click on the code and label "1 - Incision and excision of CNS" you will see the other CPT codes with the same CCS code: If you click on the code at the left, you can view any of those codes.

We want to continue to add tips to our code information pages. What type of tips would be most beneficial for you to see?

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Procedures Tx. Risk Adjustment. Facility Calculators.